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Building Quality  Buildings for
30 Years
Posts are placed either 10 or 12 feet
apart depending on the size of the
building.  Treated post are placed on
concrete footings.  
Skirt boards are placed around
perimeter of building.
All exterior framing is high quality 2x6
lumber.  Trusses are engineer certified.
Girts are 2 feet on center  placed in bookshelf fashion.    
making insulating and finishing the  inside easier.  The
purlins are also 2 feet on center to make the roof easier
to insulate and finish.  The purlins and girts are set in
metal joist hangers.
The trusses are assembled on the
ground in sections then craned into
We build wall panels and insulate them
before we assembly the shed. The roof
is also pre-built and insulated.  The skin
is then put on. Everything is ready to
be delivered.
We can provide kits if you want to
build it yourself. The lumber package
is pre-cut and labeled. Garage doors,
windows and walk doors are also
included.  The metal is cut to length.  
There are easy instructions to follow.
Contact  us for a free
quote. No Building is too
small or too large for us.
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